Collecting your vehicle

Please bring along all of  the following documentation prior to collecting your vehicle:

Driving licence
Please note: UK customers will need to provide both parts of their driving licence - the photo-card and the separate paper counterpart.

Major credit card
Please note: If you have been issued with a voucher you will still be required to leave a deposit on your credit card. Cash / Cheques and Debit cards are usually not acceptable.

Reservation confirmation details

Passport plus one other form of indentification, eg, utility bill
It will not always be necessary to produce additional indentification. However, we recommend that you are fully prepared to avoid disappointment.

Vehicle standards

Upon arrival at your destination, your vehicle should be readily available for rent. We aim to ensure that all vehicles are both cosmetically and mechanically sound. However, on the rare occasion that these standards are not met, please ensure that you advise a member of staff. This will enable them to address the situation prior to you leaving the location.