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Car Hire Norway with Budget

Car hire in Norway

Looking for super value car hire in Norway?

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Jump into your hire car in Norway and let the fun times roll. Whatever rocks your world, we have the wheels to catapult you there.

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Budget in style

Who says saving the pennies means losing out?

Take your pick from the shiniest models on Norway's roads. From making it the best family trip ever in a roomy station wagon to making that business meeting in a hot hatch, we have the car for you.

We'll even pack all the extras you need to get the most from your trip – from sat nav and super-speedy Mobile Wi-Fi, to our industry safe range of child and baby seats.

Drop your hire car somewhere else

Who says you have to finish where you set off? At many Budget locations across Norway, you can rent a car from one station and drop it at another. Find out more about one-way car hire.

Steer off the trodden track

Norway is not as remote as it once was thanks to the roads that have been carved into the mountain sides, allowing access to the true Norway - the true culture and people behind this magnificent country.

The further north you travel the more likely you are to experience the midnight sun - a natural phenomenon occurring in the summer months where the sun never completely sets and, weather permitting, is visible 24 hours a day.

This can help you make the most of your holiday, taking part in activities at any hour of the day or night! Imagine how thrilling it would be in your reliable Budget hire car, driving into the sunset and it seeming to go on forever, never quite reaching that cold, dark moment but with endless romantic hours of warm, soft sunlight.

You will also find plenty of opportunities for bird watching and fishing along the way so make sure you take the necessary equipment with you.

During the winter months Norway becomes a haven for adrenalin junkies. Norway has a large number of skiing resorts and some of the highest amounts of snowfall during the winter season.

However, driving on snow laden roads can be dangerous so it is advisable to enquire about snow chains when booking your rental car; these will improve grip and control considerably.

Once again it is worth considering the larger rental cars in the Budget range to ensure that there is enough room for skiing or snowboarding equipment. So, before hitting the slopes consider a Budget rental car as the ideal way to transfer from airport to resort.

Norway's towns and villages can be located in isolated fjords and in some cases are a step back in time, with wooden buildings that transport the visitor back to medieval times. When staying in the countryside the cuisine is predominately red meat and fish; true hardy food for a hardy people used to braving the elements on a regular basis.

That said, the summer months in Norway are temperate and give tourists the opportunity to see the wildlife and scenery in all its splendour.

With swathes of virgin forest and pure mountain streams fed by glacial run-off there are plenty of activities in Norway; from fishing to swimming and hunting. The result is that your car rental trip will be filled with enjoyable experiences and unbelievable scenic beauty at every stage.

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