Car hire in California

Discover California with a cheap car hire from Budget. Being the most populated state in the US and the third largest by territory, California is undoubtedly worth a visit. Budget car rental offers you the best rental service and price to enjoy your trip across the state. California is located on the Pacific Coast of the USA. It is surrounded by the states of Oregon, Nevada and Arizona and the Mexican State of Baja California. Is has quite a few world-famous destinations and less popular places that are worth a visit, so it is better to plan your car route in advance, if you want to fully enjoy the trip. Budget car rental is the second largest car hire company in the US, hence our experience allow us to offer an excellent service at the best price.

Explore California with Budget Car Hire

California car hire: getting around the state

The West Coast of the United States is a great destination for those who want to explore more than one place in a trip, and travelling by car is the best way to explore it and not to miss anything.

To drive from North to South of California you can take the I-5. It crosses the whole state, terminating in Mexico. If you are arriving from the surrounding states, another highway might be more convenient on your trip.

For instance, if you are coming from the north the I-80 might be the best choice. Additionally, if you wish to explore the nearby states such as Nevada or Arizona, take the I-15 and, if your next option is Arizona, drive along the I-40.

Wherever you decide to finish you trip, with Budget you can pick up your car in one of our California’s branches and leave it in any other branch as Budget offers one-way car hire within the US and Canada. Also you can have useful extras as GPS, special insurance covers, or child safety seats.

What to visit when in California

Some of the cities you shouldn’t miss on your California trip are San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and Sacramento, the capital of the state.

San Francisco is one of the oldest and the most beautiful cities in California. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most popular attractions of the city, and you might want to cross it with your rental car to feel like a Hollywood movie star.

In San Francisco Bay you will find The Silicon Valley, popular for being home of the world's largest technology corporations. Furthermore, Los Angeles is fairly known for its Hollywood district - the Mecca of the XX century movie-making.

Film lovers from all around the world head there, hoping to see their favourite stars. San Diego is the second largest city of California, featuring the biggest urban park of the US; Balboa Park. Within this park you can visit a variety of museums such as San Diego Museum of Man, San Diego Museum of Art and San Diego Automotive Museum.

In Balboa Park you will also find the San Diego Zoo (considered to be one the largest and the most progressive zoos in the world) and the Botanical Building. Another attraction of 'The Golden State' is its beaches. With the distinctive dry summers, California's coastline attracts thousands of people every year.


The most well-known examples of beach areas in California are Cardiff in San Diego, Balboa Island in Orange County, Malibu and Santa Monica located in Los Angeles.

Malibu beach comprises 43 km of beautiful coastline, so it’s perfect to discover it by car. Also, Malibu is popular for its historical buildings, the seaside restaurants and for the famous people living there. In fact, many movies were filmed on the beaches of Malibu.

Another unbeatable attraction of California is surfing; you can catch a wave yourself or enjoy watching the international championships and events, held there every year.


Two popular destinations for other outdoor activities in California are the Yosemite Valley and the Death Valley. The Yosemite Valley is a 13 km valley in Sierra Nevada Mountains, famous for its cliffs and waterfalls.

You can easily access it by car and enjoy the fantastic views and the wildlife. Also, there is a wide variety of activities you can do in the valley, such as photography, biking, fishing and horse riding.

The Death Valley is the lowest point of the United States and it’s a wonder world for nature-lovers. Take the car and head there to see maybe the most beautiful sunset you've ever seen.


Another popular California’s attraction is Disneyland Adventure Park, a must-see if you are travelling with children or just like amusement parks.

It is located in Anaheim and was the first Disney Park opened in 1955. It's one of the most joyful places in the world; discover it either with your family or friends to feel the atmosphere of magic and illusion.