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London Congestion Charge

If you are planning to drive your Budget hire car within London, then you should be aware of the London Congestion Charge.

Hours of operation

07:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday.

No charge will be made on weekends, public holidays, between Christmas Day and New Year's Day inclusive, or between 18:00 and 07:00.

Congestion Charge fee

Transport for London charge a GBP 10.00 per day fee (VAT exempt) for all vehicles driving within the Congestion Charging zone, between 07:00 & 18:00 hours, Monday to Friday.

This fee must be paid by midnight on the day of travel. Alternatively, if you choose to pay by midnight the following day after you drove into the Congestion Charging zone, the fee is GBP 12.00.

How to pay the Congestion Charge fee

You can pay the Congestion Charge in a number of ways, including:

 - Online at: www.cclondon.com
 - Phone: 0845 900 1234
 - At selected retail outlets

Full information about paying the Charge is available on the Transport for London website.

Failure to pay the Congestion Charge fee

Transport for London will charge a penalty charge (per offence) for failure to purchase a Congestion Charge permit. This fee is currently GBP 130.00, but is reduced to GBP 65.00 if paid within 14 days. An additional admin fee of GBP 25.00 +VAT is payable if Budget handles the Penalty Charge Notice.

When hiring a vehicle with Budget, it is your responsibility to pay the Congestion Charge. Any unpaid charges and penalties will be recovered from you by Budget.

Map of Congestion Charging zone

Map of Congestion Chargign zone

Download Congestion Charging zone map (pdf)

Full information on the London Congestion Charge is available on the Transport for London website.