Moving home? Top tips from Budget

Moving house soon? Thinking of clearing out all that rubbish you've accumulated over the years? Shipping the kids to university? Now is the perfect time to hire a van.

When moving home, people start packing an average of 13 days before their moving date, with one in seven (14%) putting it off until up to a week before they move. But why put it off?

We have vans in lots of different sizes so you'll always have enough room for all your stuff.

Planning a big move?

Our easy access box vans can fit a large amount of boxes and furniture. They’re equipped with air con, cruise control and safety features such as reverse cameras, reverse beeper and a tracking device.

We're here to help

One in ten (10%) carry their possessions to their new home either on foot or via public transport, whilst 28% rope in friends and family that have cars. Well we're here to solve that problem – we've got locations across the UK, so why not rent a van! Find out here how else Budget can prevent you falling into those all too common traps of moving.

How can you keep your move stress free?

We've partnered with Vicky Silverthorn - a professional organiser & de-clutterer – to bring you the very best advice. Her belief is that by organising your home, you've taken the first step to an organised mind and life. But how should you approach the potentially exasperating necessity of moving house?

Watch Vicky's top ten tips for keeping your move stress-free: