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Duty of care for business customers

Since April 2008, the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act has required small business employers to have a duty of care over their staff to ensure that they are driving roadworthy and properly insured cars.

Companies are required to implement sound maintenance policies for all vehicles used for work purposes. However, it is difficult for those that allow the use of private vehicles to ensure they are properly maintained, running the risk that the driver is not fully insured.

Penalties for directors failing to do so are severe under the new legislation.

Car rental alleviates this risk. Budget Rent-a-Car prides itself on its level of "Duty of Care" for customers. Vehicle maintenance is an integral part of road safety and all Budget vehicles undergo rigid maintenance checks before and after each rental. Additionally, vehicles are generally less than six months old or have less than 12,000 miles on the clock.

Budget Rent-a-Car monitors the state of its vehicles closely to ensure that they are 100% roadworthy for every journey. If the check reveals any signs of wear and tear or the need for a repair, the vehicle is immediately taken off the road for that repair.

On top of this, Budget vehicles are regularly serviced, as per each manufacturer's recommendations; and all services are conducted by an authorised service technician.