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Serbia has an abundance of natural wonders to offer visitors. Detailed below are just a few of the examples of what you will find. But did you know Serbia is often known as a hub of business? Despite the economic downturn, Serbia is enjoying a period of political stability which has strengthened business prospects and the country is well known for its exports of iron and steel as well as grain and grain products to Russia, the US and across Europe. Business banking is enjoying an increase in lending and vast funds are being invested in the highways for the convenience of all. To this end, visitors to Serbia for business purposes are growing every day. To make this important aspect of Serbian life easier, Budget car rental can offer special deals on hire cars when you book online.

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Car Rental Serbia

It is not just Belgrade that should form part of your trip itinerary when visiting Serbia. The natural attractions in the country are abundant. With bountiful forests and striking streams and rivers nature enthusiasts are sure to be entertained.

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As such it is understandable that Serbia has built up a burgeoning tourist industry providing hunting to visitors.

It is not just hunting however, there are wide and diverse fishing grounds in Serbia that provide the visitor with sublime chances to cast their rod and catch species such as pike, catfish, sturgeon and salmon.

If travelling with a great amount of angling gear it will be worth looking at the larger cars in the Budget range to accommodate all of that equipment.


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