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The Netherlands is considerably more than simply a country of clogs, windmills and tulips; it is a country filled with fascinating historical and cultural attractions as well as astonishing natural beauty. Budget's car hire services are the perfect travel companion when touring the Netherlands, with a collection of cities within close proximity of each other car hire is the ideal way to explore this land. The Budget car hire range includes both large saloons and small economical run-arounds meaning that no matter your requirements, we have a vehicle to match. The flatlands can at times be difficult to navigate hence it is advisable to utilise Budget's GPS hire provisions, ensuring you find your way with ease. The Netherlands has a rich and interesting history; it has been a nation of traders for centuries and managed to build considerable wealth and empire through mercantile success and entrepreneurship. As a result of this success, the cities of the Netherlands are full of medieval buildings and architectural grandeur. The charm of these places is hard to dispute meaning that they form a major element of any visit.

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Car rental Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famed for its vivacious nightlife and party culture. It is one of the most visited cities in Europe, and if touring, Holland should almost certainly form a part of your trip itinerary.

It is not just about partying, one of the frequently visited attractions is the Anne Frank Museum, the home of diarist Anne Frank is a fascinating insight into the plight of Jews during the Nazi occupation.

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Art lovers will certainly want to visit the Van Gogh Museum. Showcasing some of the finest works of this great impressionist artist the Museum not only allows visitors to see the paintings but to also gain an understanding of the artists tortured existence.

Art galleries are present all over the country, not just in Amsterdam. With the use of a rental car it is possible to visit many museums that display the work of the Dutch Masters, showing the very best of the Dutch Golden Age (a period of acclaim during the 17th century when the Dutch civilisation was at its peak.)

With museums dedicated to Van Gogh, Escher and Rembrandt artistic desires are certain to be fulfilled when visiting Holland. Driving your rental car in The Netherlands requires an understanding of the local motoring laws.

Traffic drives on the right and passing is illegal on roads with a continuous white line. In terms of speed limits city/urban roads carry a limit of 31 mph (50 km/h), open/rural roads have a limit of 49 mph (80 km/h) and highways 75 mph (120 km/h).

With highways connecting the major cities it is possible to see much of The Netherlands in a short period of time; that said, taking time to slowly tour the fishing villages in your rental car can be just as enjoyable.

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